Friday, September 16, 2011

A Lucis update

After a too long period of inactivity at last we have a significant update to Lucis. The migration to Lucene 3.x has been put on hold to work on some more important changes (and I don't know if it will happen before the move to Lucis' successor project). So, to avoid confusion, version numbering has changed so that the first two numbers match those of the Lucene version used.

I have just released version 2.4.31 (should be in central soon), the main changes being:

  • Reindexing indexes can now hold a checkpoint.
  • Reindexing indexes can know decide to skip a run.
  • Cancellation policy for index services has been defined, using interruptions, providing graceful shutdowns. As always for all your java concurrency-related questions, go to the source.
  • It is know possible to use external executors.
  • Many more tests.
Also, as of this version, the javadoc is no longer uploaded to the repository, as it can be built from source, but the relevant parts are online for your reading convenience.

UPDATE: Already in Central.


Alex Guerra (Xela) said...

Very interesting!!! It's a pity that I use Lucene 2.9 :(

Unknown said...

I don't have a clear roadmap yet, but an update for Lucene 2.9.x may be possible...