Saturday, September 5, 2009

Functional dependencies

Regarding papers, yesterday's read was Type Classes with Functional Dependencies by Mark P. Jones.

Quite interesting.

CUFP 2009 Keynote

Bryan O’Sullivan is one of the authors of the book Real World Haskell, and he's given the keynote at CUFP 2009.
I really liked the presentation.


Over the last years I've become an avid reader of papers. As the time goes by, I start to have heaps of PDF files scattered through multiple files and computers, unable to find anything.
A few years ago I read in Ars Technica about Papers, a software package that seemed to fulfill all my paper archiving needs :). However, it wasn't until last month that I gave it a try and I only regret not having donde so earlier. Its matching capabilities, search engine and spotlight integration are really wonderful. It is really the iTunes of academic papers.

Highly recommended.