Thursday, May 8, 2008

SpringSource App Platform and evolution...

Some days-old news, but interesting anyway. Worth a deeper look.

I think is a concept that many people were thinking about after seeing some big real-word osgi deployments, but it had to be done. Credit when credit is due.

It's hard to balance the need to maintain compatibility (and investment) and the need to keep going forward, and sometimes we all have to deal with some breakage.

Depending on what gets finally goes into Java 7 and the end of the "modularity wars" we may see more interesting steps.

Anyway, there's been some controversy regarding the license. Although I'm sure there's not absolute truth in any camp, if you are a very strong advocate of one position and suddenly (and in a particular issue) change, at least you lose a bit of credibility.

Back to the evolution issues, even though many people argue that the way to innovation in Java (the platform) is other languages on the JVM (scala, groovy, jruby) I think it's high time to start breaking some ties with the past, but, is it worth the effort?....  

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